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Agility in Leadership and Organisations


Join us to level up your personal leadership as a catalyst leader, a leader with more self-awareness, situational adaptiveness, balanced presence and power, who empowers and emboldens employees into action. Change starts with you!

  • Two Trainers

  • Two Certificates

  • Free Retake

  • Two 1-1 coaching sessions (booked separately)

Training Schedule
Workshop Goal & Focus

Our goal is not to create great agile organizations. Rather, our goal is to improve organizational effectiveness by developing more adaptive leaders and organizations. The focus of this workshop is guided by the Agile Leadership Compass. Unless leaders do their own development, no organization transformation will occur. Change starts with you! This workshop helps improve your ability to sense and respond in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments.

Trainer Team
The Trainer Team

Stuart Fish

Certified Enterprise Coach,

Certified Leadership Guide,

Partner at improuv GmbH

Taghi Paksima

Taghi Paksima

Certified Leadership Agility Coach,

Certified Scrum Trainer®,

Founder at AgileUplift GmbH  

The Curriculum

1) Agility in Leadership 

Our Agility in Leadership™ workshop is unique in the industry. It helps leaders see a clear path to effective leadership, where they are presently on said path, and how to pivot towards a more effective leadership profile.

Through the six key modules illustrated below, we provide pragmatic and tangible practices for leaders to improve their focus, creativity, collaboration, adaptability, and influence.

  • Agile Leadership Context: Complexity, uncertainty, and the pace of disruptive change continue to escalate globally. We demonstrate the need for new ways to reduce risk, manage budgets, lead projects, and engage stakeholders.

  • Agile Leadership:  Leadership is a choice. However, most leaders are unaware of the hundreds of choices they make each day, limiting their effectiveness. We show leaders a new path to improve engagement and effectiveness.

  • Catalyst Leadership: Beyond servant leadership, catalyst leaders are more purposeful, creative, balanced, and adaptive. We develop proactive and positive agitators of change in the leaders themselves and others they engage.

  • Catalyst Conversations: Leadership is not a solo sport. We teach leaders a catalyst conversation technique to improve every discussion, decision, and team meeting with more balance, voice, and shared-ownership.

  • Catalyst Feedback: Feedback is a core principle of an empirical approach. We help leaders recognize common threats and create an environment in which to give and receive feedback in a more effective and safe manner.

  • Catalyst Habits: Much like with health and fitness, leadership requires a disciplined routine in order to sustain and grow. We teach leaders the importance of, and techniques to, build their new skills into disciplined growth habits.


2) Agility in Organizations 

Our Agility in Organizations™ curriculum helps leaders see their organization’s culture and how it may hinder and/or support more agile ways of working.

Through the six key modules illustrated below, we provide leaders pragmatic and tangible practices to identify, focus, and accelerate change across the organization.

  • Organizational Culture: Organizational culture is a significant barrier to increased agility. We teach leaders how to identify their culture and how the strengths and challenges of theirs may enable or inhibit agile ways of working.

  • Agile Organizations: Most agile transformations fail to deliver defined results. We show leaders the pitfalls of top-down/ bottom-up approaches and how to effectively lead an inside-out, values-based program to sustain agility.

  • Shaping an Agile Culture: Culture change is not posters on the wall; it is an intentional focus on values guided by leadership. We teach leaders the levers of change: structures, policies, and measures. This helps them to shape and sustain a culture of agility.

  • Leading Agile Change: Like agile transformations failing, most change initiatives fail as well. We teach leaders why,  showing them how to avoid the pitfalls and to engage the organization to share ownership to build success.

  • Catalyst Canvas: Transformations are only A-to-B. Agility requires a disciplined inspect and adapt routine. We provide leaders a catalyst canvas: a simple tool to help focus, align and accelerate change that can be used routinely.

  • Agile Coaching: Every organization is unique. We guide both leadership teams and individual leaders in applying the techniques to their organization context and develop the next steps in shaping their organizations.

Who Should Attend?
Leadership is not a title or position, but a mindset and a capability, which can be acquired and developed. Regardless of your role, this workshop is for anyone interested in developing themselves in their role so they can grow and help their organisation grow: executives, managers, HR personnel, change agents, etc.

This workshop follows the learning objectives and meets the credentials for two certifications by Agile Leadership Journey

Agility in Leadership and Agility in Organizations


Great introduction on the basics of Agile at Scale that helped me identify ways I can support my organization in their growth with Agile.

Kristen Hyman, Sr SM at NBME

"Agile at Scale" participant

Sehin Amanuel 
Product Owner at
Insurance Technologies
Florida, USA
  • Are there any prerequisites for this training?
    There are no prerequisites for this introductory level workshop. We ask you to come with an open mind and a willingness to explore new ways of thinking and leading. Prior knowledge of agile is helpful but not necessary.
  • What is the delivery format?
    The workshop will be delivered live online and will be fully interactive, encouraging collaborative learning and exchange in smaller groups. The training sessions and all materials and handouts will be in English.
  • Can I pay via invoice?
    Certainly. Just book your seat(s) through this form and we will be happy to send you or your respective company an invoice. Contact us via if you wish to place a purchase order (PO) or have any questions.
  • I am booking from outside EU. Do I pay VAT?
    VAT is applicable for all EU registrations. If you are not a resident of the European Union, please book through this form so we can help you pay without VAT.
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