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Taghi Paksima

Taghi Paksima

Founder, Enterprise & Leadership Agility Coach

Certified Scrum Trainer® 

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My Story

Taghi is an Enterprise & Leadership Agility Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. He has been in software/IT industry for over 20 years and has served different roles in Agile environments since 2008.


Taghi brings a unique mixture of leadership, technical, and agile experience gathered through working with a multitude of companies, from Fortune 100 organisations to start-ups. He takes joy and pride in helping companies, product and leadership teams explore better, leaner, and more Agile versions of themselves. In particular, he supports companies with Agile transformation, organisational change, leadership development, scaling and de-scaling, and value stream optimisation. Taghi speaks at public events promoting a holistic approach to product development involving a strong focus on people; the human aspect of work.

Some of the companies he has supported are: Microsoft, Siemens, Bosch, Infineon Technologies, DocuWare, Siemens Mobility, T-Systems

He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) with Scrum Alliance, Certified Leadership Agility Coach with ChangeWise, Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) with Scaled Agile Inc,  Certified Kanban Management Professional (KMP) with Lean Kanban University and  Certified Professional - Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICP-ENT) with International Consortium for Agile.

Taghi is the founder of AgileUplift GmbH. He is also the founder of Agile Munich, an independent public community of practice, one of the largest communities of its kind in Europe, currently with over 3000 members.

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