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Agile Hardware Development
with Joe Justice


The Agile approach is no longer a domain closely related to software production and is successfully used in hardware manufacturing. Learn how to apply Scrum, Lean, and eXtreme Manufacturing practices to hardware development in both the design and mass production process.

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Agile Hardware Development Training


Live Online

2 Days

Fully Interactive



What is Agile Hardware Development?

Agile Hardware Development includes engineering, management, and business practices to increase the pace of innovation. These practices are tested worldwide with certified and mass produced product of over 1 million units, as well as highly customized small batch goods. We will work through enhancements to vendor and supplier practices, line configuration, program management, product architecture, tool selection, design and test cycles, to shorten New Product Introduction including certification and maintenance.

Training Content

Training Scope:

  • Case studies – examples from Tesla, 3M, Ferrari, Bosch, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Saab, WIKISPEED, their suppliers, and more.

  • Leadership – OKR’s, KPI’s, tips and guidelines from agile executives and chief agile officers who have worked in Google, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, Facebook, GE, and their supply chain.

  • Practices – backlog prioritization, contracts, supplier commitments and timelines, burn down charts, value estimation, effort estimation, production and test tooling selection, supply chain participation and management, and more.

  • Flow – how to increase return on capital in your hardware organization and control your supply chain.

What you will learn:

  • How to reduce business risks and increase flexibility

  • Which Agile engineering practices can be used in hardware development

  • How to reduce the cost of change in the design, testing and production processes

  • How to improve time to market for hardware products


  • What the structure and communication look like in an agile organization

  • What are the roles and responsibilities   

  • How to cooperate with suppliers and subcontractors

  • How to implement an iterative approach in production


  • What kind of architecture supports the iterative approach

  • How to improve the process and collect feedback

  • How to plan and estimate work

Training Content

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About Triner

about Trainer

Joe Justice is the founder of Wikispeed, the first company to fully iteratively develop a car. As an Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer he supports international companies in changing their approach to hardware development. He has worked with the top military and defence contractors, ultra-lightweight structures, autonomous and smart road technologies. Joe is a creator of the Extreme Manufacturing and Scrum @ Hardware methods.

Learning Format

This is an online class that utilizes Zoom. We will form a team in the breakout room, and we will invite all the participants to participate in the lecture, including the workshop format.


Learn through hands-on experience by practicing Scrum as a team while leveraging virtual boards created with Miro.


This class is essential basic training for experienced and aspiring Agile Hardware developers.

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers:involved in development of hardware products

  • Managers:executives, business representatives, Product Owners, Product Managers, and team leaders

About Certification

This seminar includes all the curriculum required for certification. After two days of training, all participants will be certified in “Agile Hardware Development” by the Agile Business Institute. There is no exam.

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