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Agile at Scale

Agile at Scale Training, AgileUplift

A practical live training to equip you with framework-agnostic Lean and Agile principles, practices, and applicable techniques to increase your competency in delivering value and leading effective teams at scale. 

  • Monthly Mentoring

  • Verifiable Certificate

  • Free Retake

  • Access to Alumni Network of 1000+

  • 8 SEUs/PDUs

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Live Online

Two 4-hour Sessions

Fully Interactive

Practical, Beyond Theory


Taghi Paksima
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Why do it with us?
  • Two 4-hour sessions of live online training

  • Unique framework-agnostic content and practical tips gathered from years of experience in the trenches

  • Limited class size (max 20) 

  • Free retake: Join any of our future Agile at Scale trainings

  • Fully interactive instructor-led training with team exercises

  • 3000+ satisfied alumni with average rating of 9/10

  • Real-life case studies and examples

  • Certified trainer with over two decades of industry experience and track record of years of hands-on coaching, supporting transformations

What you'll learn
  • Principles and practices of adopting Lean, Agile, and Scrum in multi-team scaled environments

  • Practical tips and techniques for designing and forming teams, facilitating events, roles, and responsibilities at scale

  • Up your skill as a ScrumMaster or Agile Coach

  • Tips on how to create high performing and highly effective teams

  • Common antipatterns and pitfalls to avoid 


What you'll earn
  • Valuable learnings and applicable techniques to help you excel at work and stand out at the next career step

  • SEUs

  • Access to AgileUplift alumni network 

  • Access to free monthly alumni Q&A sessions

  • Downloadable training materials

  • Certificate of course completion, digital badge

Training Overview
​Agile at Scale Training

Most Agile/Scrum trainings and workshops, whether certified or not, leave you rather stranded when it comes to the practical question: "How can I help create effective and high-performing teams when we go beyond a team or two?". "Agile at Scale" is an introductory training aiming to introduce practitioners to the core principles, practices and intricacies of scaling Agile in multi-team product development environments.

Together we will explore Lean/Agile concepts to support scaling and how they can be applied in practice. You will walk away with deep foundational understanding of tenets of adopting Agile at Scale and will be equipped with a number of techniques and practices to help you optimise flow of value in your teams and organisation.

In this interactive training we take a framework-agnostic approach to help you learn: (de-)scaling to optimise flow of value, lean/agile principles of scaling, practical (yet research-backed) approaches to form teams at scale, anti-patterns and pitfalls to avoid, practical tips and techniques for scaling roles and events, real-life case studies and examples.

The content presented are based on a combination of research-backed industry best practices and years of practical experience in coaching, training, consulting and supporting organisations through their transformation journeys, from Fortune 100 companies to tech start-ups. 


This highly interactive training provides you more than just the theory, rather it focuses more on providing you with applicable techniques you could immediately apply in your own context. It also gives you the confidence and prepares you better for your job as a Scrum Master and sets you well on your journey to transform your organisation.

Participants are required to have foundational knowledge and understanding of Agile and Scrum prior to taking the "Agile at Scale" training. Holding a CSM or similar certification is highly recommended.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

Training Contents

Flow of Value & (De-)Scaling

We will explore how flow of value is impacted at scale and learn to examine de-scaling before thinking about scaling 

Lean, Agile Principles of Scaling

Learn the core tenets and lean and agile principles of scaling to help you take an outcome-centric approach to creating and delivering incremental value at scale.

Scaling Teams & De-scaling Dependencies

Patterns, techniques and challenges of forming teams at scale, team of teams, feature vs component vs enabler teams, reducing cross-team dependencies, team scaling anti-patterns and pitfalls

Roles at Scale

How to scale ScrumMaster and Product Owner roles in a multi-team setting where several teams work on the same product. How do their responsibilities change?

Events at Scale

Patterns and techniques for establishing cross-team alignment and doing events at scale

Anti-patterns & Pitfalls of Scaling

Learn about some common scaling pitfalls and dysfunctions to keep an eye on and how to avoid them. 

Case Study & Examples

Real-life examples and case studies will round off your learnings and take-aways helping you develop a better plan what to do next in your own organisation.

Training Contents
Training Schedule

Great introduction on the basics of Agile at Scale that helped me identify ways I can support my organization in their growth with Agile.

Kristen Hyman, Sr SM at NBME

"Agile at Scale" participant

Sehin Amanuel 
Product Owner at
Insurance Technologies
Florida, USA
Taghi Paksima, CST, Scrum Master
About the Trainer

Taghi is an Enterprise & Leadership Agility Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. He has been in software/IT industry for over 20 years and has served different roles in Agile environments since 2008. He brings a unique mixture of leadership, technical, and agile experience gathered through working with a multitude of companies, from Fortune 100 organisations to start-ups. He takes joy and pride in helping companies, product and leadership teams explore better, leaner, and more Agile versions of themselves. In particular, he supports companies with Agile transformation, organisational change, leadership development, scaling and de-scaling, and value stream optimisation. Taghi speaks at public events promoting a holistic approach to product development involving a strong focus on people; the human aspect of work.

Some of the companies he has supported are: Microsoft, Siemens, Bosch, Infineon Technologies, DocuWare, Siemens Mobility, T-Systems

He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) with Scrum Alliance, Certified Leadership Agility Coach with ChangeWise, Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) with Scaled Agile Inc,  Certified Kanban Management Professional (KMP) with Lean Kanban University and  Certified Professional - Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICP-ENT) with International Consortium for Agile.

Taghi is the founder of AgileUplift. He is also the founder of Agile Munich, an independent public community of practice with over 3000 members.

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Upon successful completion of the training, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a virtual badge which can be downloaded, shared, and validated online. Click here to see a sample certification validation.

Scholarships & Discounts  
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We offer certain scholarships and discounts for the following groups: out of job/unemployed, women in tech, university students, alumni of AgileUplift trainings, and candidates from certain geographies. Contact us on to check if you qualify.

Who Should Attend

This training is recommended for :
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches and Practitioners
  • Product Owner/Managers
  • Team Leads/Managers
  • Change Agents
Participants are required to have foundational knowledge and understanding of Agile and Scrum prior to taking the "Agile at Scale" training. Holding a CSM or similar certification is highly recommended.
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